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F.A. Day PTO Board & Committee Chairs


Volunteer with us and help enrich the Day community. You are needed!


PTO Board Members

Co-Presidents: Tramy Lao and Cedar Pruitt

The PTO Co-Presidents plan, budget, and manage the PTO calendar of events for the year including fundraising events, community events, and educational programs. We work with the event committee chairs offering support and guidance where needed. Together with the Day school principal, we support parent outreach and communication. Additionally, we work with the principal to determine fundraising needs which help support the teachers and the school. We conduct monthly PTO council meetings and communicate school and PTO events via email and on the PTO Website.


Vice-president ex officio: Principal Mann


Treasurer: Amy Horsman 

The Treasurer keeps the financial records of the PTO and is responsible for the PTO's financial activities, including collecting all money received by the PTO, paying bills, financial reporting and filing appropriate government forms.

Recording Secretary: Julie McLaughlin

The Secretary keeps the minutes of the PTO meetings, and is responsible for the keeping the bylaws up to date.

PTO Committee Chairs


METCO Liaison:  [Chair NEEDED]

The METCO Liaison is responsible for collaborating with the PTO board/METCO community, parents, and students for all school and students and community events, initiatives and areas of achievement for the PTO community. 

SEPAC Liaison: Spencer Poole

This volunteer is a caregiver of a child receiving special education services (IEP or 504 Plan) at Day. They represent Day on the Newton Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) and keep families informed about pertinent policies, resources and events. The liaison also responds to any questions or concerns a caregiver has about their child's development or services and fosters community among families of children with special needs.

Creative Arts & Sciences (CAS) Co-Chairs: Jacquelyn Perna

Creative Arts & Sciences is a curriculum-based program which brings outside presenters/programs into all grades at Day Middle School.  Programs enrich learning in Science, Art, English, Language Arts, History, Social Sciences, and Music.  Creative Arts & Sciences is entirely funded by the PTO. Committee volunteers welcome presenters, assist with set up (if necessary), and attend the presentations.


Families Organizing for Racial Justice (FORJ) Chair: Elsa Christiansen Janairo

Families Organizing for Racial Justice (FORJ) is a group of diverse Newton families helping our children learn about issues of power and inequality and how to stand up for racial justice. We seek to generate understanding and curiosity about differences in our society, and to work together towards racial equity.

Safe Routes to School: Mike Halle

Responsible for collaborating with Safe Routes to School and the Day community to keep us aligned with safety protocols.

Social Media Management: Tramy Lao and Amy Horsman

Works to keep our web presence and communications running smoothly. 

Teacher Appreciation: Maureen McAleer

Leads our efforts to make our teacher's lives a little easier...often with snacks and meals!

Parent Outreach: Connie Yarian 

Helping recruit, organize and support team parents. 

Spiritwear Sales: Annie Nguyen

Shirts, hoodies, shorts, joggers, water bottles and more - if it says Day Dragons on it, we need you to sell it. We can order it and manage design, but your help with coordination and planning would be most appreciated. It is not a fundraiser but a community investment.

Fundraising: Muny Velickovic and Helena Chuah

Let's raise funds for Day this year! This role requires someone willing to brainstorm engagement with local businesses, connect with the Board to develop a plan, and then execute the plan. All funds raised go to teacher, staff and school programs at Day Middle.



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