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 Ancient Wanderers: Peru 2014

Hi Folks,


Thank you for your interest in the Ancient Wanderers. We began our travels in 2005 and have made over 10 tours overseas. We have traveled to Greece, Turkey, Italy and Egypt. The group had a wonderful custom tour of Spain last year. This year we are planning a tour of Peru.The trips are through a company out of Cambridge called EF tours. They have a great websites with many details. The students have to be responsible and they have to be ready and able for international travel. These trips really give students a chance to explore history in a different way. It is a true hands-on experience. The additional experience of seeing other cultures and meeting students from other parts of the country (EF often has parallel tours and The Wanderers can meet other students using EF from other parts of the US) makes for quite a summer. The tour is nearly all-inclusive in cost (2 meals a day - hotels, flights and ground transportation are all included) this makes it possible for us to travel at a cost that one could not do on their own. I travel to these spots frequently and will act as guide for the students. In addition, they will have professional guides provided by EF tours. It is quite nice for the students to see the places they have studied in school. The tours are modeled on what we have studied! Thank you for your interest, I shall keep you folks posted as I communicate further with the tour company. Please feel free to ask any specific questions. I have an intimate knowledge of the programs and will be able to answer most questions.


Thank you,

                        Jack O’Connor



"Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers."    

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